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Açores, Atlântico Norte

Visiting the Azores Islands in January 2013 was an amazing experience of the forces of nature. The volcanic islands in the midst of a wild atlantic ocean offer a unique landscape. Crater lakes, steep cliffs, indigenous forests, volcanos and 200m high waterfalls are a feast for the senses.

I stayed in Sao Miguel, the main Island, first and then travelled to the most western point of Europe: Flores. The weather was extremely windy, wet and foggy. I stayed at the Aldeia Da Cuada, an old fishing village transformed into an Eco hotel. The very helpful owner made me feel welcome even though I was the only guest part of the time - felt like an adventure. I won't forget the pitch-black nights, the strong atlantic wind and the old wood stove next to the bed.

Fonte: Markus Haist (Vimeo)

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